About PEG Canada

PEG Canada was born out of a growing need for blended classrooms and online-exclusive learning. The PEG Canada team specializes in English as an Additional Language (EAL) teaching services designed for internationally educated professionals.

PEG Canada was founded in 2017 as a federal not-for-profit organization with the motivation to provide a sustainable solution for addressing the growth of the Canadian Culture and Communication for Nurses program, originally offered at the Manitoba Nurses Union.

We are a team of EAL Specialists who have made it our life's work to equip new Canadians with the language and communication skills needed to succeed as they work toward career satisfaction and integration. We believe that online classrooms and content can provide vibrant and effective language learning opportunities which should not be seen as second to traditional classroom settings. We stand for quality language training that is accessible to everyone, despite physical location and life circumstances. By training instructors who are new to online teaching and offering our instructional design services, we wish to spread our passion for online learning.

PEG Canada's goal is to continue expanding its services locally, nationally, and internationally to better serve newcomers and immigrant professionals through creative blended and online solutions for communication and culture training.