Tutorials | Coaching

Let us come to you! Our private tutorials and language coaching sessions are conveniently offered online by experienced instructors. 

Who benefits

Employees, internationally educated professionals, international students, university and college students - anyone wishing to improve their language or general communication skills in a private, personalized setting. 

Program delivery

Online via videoconference

Program outline 

We will conduct a needs assessment to determine how we can help you achieve your goals and then customize your online sessions with a focus on what you need to succeed.


Our tutorials are priced at the lowest cost possible for your time with an instructor. Extras such as special advanced research or preparation, homework correction, or assignments outside your tutorial time can be prearranged at the same hourly rate.




Private tutorial/language coaching

Free needs assessment

1-hour tutorial via videoconference at your convenience

Book as many or as few sessions as you need to reach your goal!

$45 per hour

Have a friend or colleague with similar needs? 

2 people for $70


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