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We are leaders in the development and delivery of online courses, specializing in language and communication skills training. Whether organizations wish to convert existing course content into an online format or prefer we start from scratch, our team ensures the learner experience is interactive and engaging. Using your existing learning management system or ours, we can advise on the functionality requirements needed to convert traditional lessons and activities.

We offer training and guidance to those who are new to online teaching. We can work with administrative and/or instructional staff to ease their transition to an online environment, providing ongoing support during the adjustment phase.

Who benefits

Any organization needing assistance with converting traditional curriculum into online courses, and/or needing training as its staff transitions to online program delivery. Our specialty is designing online language training in the English as an Additional Language (EAL) and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) sector.

Program delivery


Program Outline 

We design customized content and provide training for each organization based on need.

Curriculum/transition projects typically include each of the following, to varying degrees: analysis, project management, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.

Training services typically include group training sessions, one-to-one sessions, and ongoing technical and teaching support.


Dependent on scope of project. Variables include the desired level of interactivity, number of course hours, complexity of design and project management expectations.


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